Friday, December 16, 2011

Forever Alone

When you felt like this..
Remember that Allah always there..
He never miss out to watch us..
He knew everything inside your heart..
He already plan the day that you need..
don't ever regret anything that happened.. coz it happened by a reason..
even you did not reach to understand it..
But you will never know your future is about..

Dear 'Friend' n Friends,
I apologize..
maybe it hurt you when i didn't notice it..
you never know how much i'm worrying about our friendship..
deep in my heart, I'm sorry for ANYTHING that I've made..
yup.. that you who read it..
just think that its you..
sorry please..

Dear Forever Alone,
(that's me)
Be Strong.. Think positive..
All will be fine then..
Again, you are not forever alone..
you had a cute roommate, your best coursemates, your loving family..
and never forget that Allah is always by your side..


im missing this Dawn ..

:: It's "Subuh", you never be alone :)

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