Friday, September 9, 2011


assalamualaikum ...

just a short entry..

today will be my last day at my home (Gelang Patah) .. sad ya.. surely i am.. 

especially when im thinking about Ibu and Ayah..  

but i have to go .. i must go.. for my brother's "last will" .. 

arwah muhd mujahid said:

"ko kene habiskan belajar sampai grad... banggakan ibu ayah.. .... ...."

 so this is his last will ..

and this evening, i had visited you and sedekahkn Yasiin for you before i go.. may Allah bless you..
 wish ill be stronger through this fate..  there..  :')

I CAN  !!

insyaallah ill fulfill your will.. for you n for our family.. Amin...


:: i was born to be strong..